Tekly is a fun coding program by Curators University to introduce Kids and teens between the ages of 7-18 years to coding and digital skills.

The idea is to prepare these kids and teens for a future that will certainly be dominated by intelligent technology . Formal education in Africa (especially in the  under served communities) do not prioritize computer science knowledge, and many schools lack both the human resources and infrastructure to prepare their students for the future. We have been able to reach 1000+ kids & teens in under served communities in Africa through our code camps, tech tours, and computer science advocacy program.

10+ CS Programs

1000+ Kids & Teens

7+ Locations

Total Kids Introduced to Coding & Digital Skills | 1000+
Total Girls Introduced to coding and Digital Skills | 450+
Total kids interested in pursuing a Computer science career through Tekly | 200+

Tekly Programs

In August, We hosted over fifty (50) kids who have never had a physical contact with computers at Curators hub and had a chat with them on computer science basics, digital skills and also make them experience cool tech like VR and 3D printing. This was done in partnership with Kids N Teens.

Again in September we hosted about forty (40) kids on a full day digital and coding experience, we had sessions on 3D printing, VR, Digital skills, Future of work, staying safe online and Career.

This was in partnership with ACCENT & Kids & teens resource centre.

In August 2018, Tekly engaged over 20 kids in Akure, Ondo State and trained them in a four (4) weeks long summer camp. See interesting feedbacks and stories from our summer camp.

The summer camp had two class the teens class age 13- 17 and the kids class age 7-12, curriculum covered in the camp were programming with scratch, productivity tools like Microsoft word and PowerPoint for presentations, web development with html & css, Python programming, Introduction to Virtual Reality (VR), 3D Printing and Drones.

Tekly code camp is a program to train 700 kids & teens and 30 computer science teachers in Benin, Edo State, Nigeria. We are training 30 teachers after which we support them to train at least 20 kids in their respective schools. We are also training about 100 kids in our hub in Benin during the same week.

Tekly code camp is supported by Google is part of the Africa Code Week 2018 program. It is supported by Google, SAP, UNESCO, Cape Town Science Centre and Edo Jobs and features in the Africa code week 2018 events.

“Practise makes perfect” is a general rule when it comes to building a skill, either in music, sports, arts, tech or math. Tekly After School builds coding and digital skills in teens by ensuring regular learning and practice.

We achieve this by enrolling students in our program and having sessions with them five (5) hours a week, two (2) hours in person and three (3) hours virtually.

We are equipping a teen coding lab that will help less privileged kids who do not have access to computer to use the facility and we are also partnering with schools to be able to do the same for their students.

With Tekly After School, we are raising over 2000 teenage developers by June 2019.

Mark Zuckerberg started programming when he was 10, Bill Gates at 13 and they have grown to birthed giant tech companies, it’s not debate that for African kids & teens to have strong coding and digital skills a personal computer is crucial to their development. This is the reason why we are launching a campaign to encourage, parents, philanthropies, Government, Interest groups to buy a computer for a child at least from age seven (7).

We are doing this by;

  • Educating parents on the advantage of a child getting a computer early
  • We are also speaking with computer manufacturers and retailers to have flexible payment plans to encourage parents.
  • We are reaching out to philanthropies for donation of computers, and also encouraging government to do the same.
  • We are also encouraging individuals to donate used computers either in good condition or faulty.
  • We have also partnered with Tab Digitals a computer hardware company to help fix used computers so they can be available for others, whose parents are not affluent.

We want to get 5000 kids a computer by June 2019.

Due to lack of exposure to computer science and STEM, it is difficult for an African kid or teen to develop interest in coding or digital skills and build a career in IT. Tekly is also reaching out to kids to make them have first-hand experience with not just digital skills and coding but with other new technologies like VR, drones, IOT, 3D Manufacturing and robotics.

We believe this experience will stimulate their interest in computer science, which is important for their further development.

The safer internet day event is a global event that often hold every year in February, the program was started as an intervention program to many kids and teens who have fallen victim of cyber bullying leading to depression, and many more victims of several unsafe practices online.

SID is a day where we engage with students and enlighten them on best practices online and staying safe online.

In February 2018, we hosted about 75 students from 7 schools on SID event. Some of the activities were panel sessions, quiz, debates and fun activities.

2019 edition also followed the same approach of 2018, however this time we went to the schools to teach them about best practices online rather than inviting them over. We reach 3 schools in Akure Ondo state, Nigeria and hosted one of them for a tech excursion.

...4-year-olds who couldn’t tie their shoes yet, were better at gadgets than adults...

Alison Gopnik Researchers at the University of California

40 percent of parents learn how to use technology from their children

Teresa Correa University Diego Portales, Santiago, Chile

65% of parents surveyed admitted they have asked their children to help them with technology

Virgin Media

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