The University Has Four Broad Tracks

A track is a broad category of learning.
Each learning track contains two or more disciplines.
Curators (students) can only specialize on the maximum of two disciplines (one major discipline, and one minor discipline).

Our Classes are Workshops

For each discipline at Curators University, there are four (4) contacts per week.
HandsOn Classes are practical sessions managed by Curators

Taught Lessons


HandsOn Class (1)

HandsOn Class (2)

On Discipline


A curator must fulfill all workshops for their discipline. This means all 52 workshops (13 taught lessons, 13 research sessions and 26 HandsOn classes)

A curator on a Double discipline in the same track shall fulfill all commitments of their Major at least 13 taught sessions 13 research sessions and 13 HandsOn Classes to earn the Dual Nano Degree.

Success Stories

  • Faculties in Curators University has impacted knowledge that will not only make us informative but also relevant unto life and become the change agent that can effect positive change in any sector of national development.

    Seye Joseph
    Seye Joseph
    Business & Development Journalist
  • At Curators workshop, I learnt the importance of having a vision board keeping myself informed about other fields that are not solely related to mine. This has helped me become versatile with clients as I can have a discussion in their field of interest and still link it with my business.

    Mary Ulo Asuquo
    Mary Ulo Asuquo
    Bright Bridge Academy
  • The open workshop session was engaging as I learnt to get my partner/donors involved in programs by extending invitations to them. Now a good number of my partners/donors are involved in the planning of our projects and this gives a feel of transparency in our work.

    Omoyele Isaac
    Omoyele Isaac
    LEAP Social Innovators Fellow

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